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How to Make Money as a Mobile Hairdresser

If you are interested in making money as a mobile hairdresser you absolutely should read this article.

And yes, it is possible to make money if you enjoy being an entrepreneur working independently, especially if you love styling hair at the home of your clients.

For whatever reason, mobile hairdressing is one vocation or business that can bring in constant money. You also get to do what you love with it.

Yes, if you know what it takes, you can actually make money consistently as a mobile hairdresser,

It is a good thing you are now reading this post. It answers some of the most important questions about being a mobile hairdresser.


Who is a Mobile Hairdresser?

A hairdresser is a person whose occupation is to cut or style hair in order to change or maintain a person’s image.

Most hairdressers set up a salon from where they attend to or offer their services to customers or clients.

Nevertheless, some hairdressers offer their services at the home of clients. This means they work outside of their salons and prefer to work at the homes or preferred location of the client.

mobile hairdresser

A man or woman who provides hairdressing services outside of their salon is called a mobile hairdresser.

Another definition states that a mobile hairdresser is a professional who works outside the premises of a hair salon or a beauty shop.

If you check out, this is what it has to say about a mobile hairdresser:

a mobile hairdresser is the act or business of a hairdresser or hair stylist that comes to your home to style your hair.

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Why do people choose to become mobile hairdressers?

There are different reasons why people would want to work as a mobile hairdresser.

The reason for one person could be different for another person.

Some people would readily start a mobile hairdressing business because they want to be their own boss.

Some other people would love this hairdressing service because it offers them the opportunity to travel around and meet new people in different locations.

Yes, some other people would follow through this way of rendering hairdressing service because of wanting to explore new experience in their training.

Whatever be the reason for becoming a mobile hairdresser, the truth remains that you can make money with this line of work or business.

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Making money as a Mobile Hairdresser

To make money as a mobile hairdresser, you simply need to render  hair care service to those who are interested… and get paid.

Apart from fixing hairs for clients, you can also make money by selling some hair care accessories to clients.

Of course, you will make money this way if you attach the selling of hair care accessories to your main training or skill of cutting, styling, coloring, or fixing of hair.

What’s very important with making money this way is to really enjoy what you do. When you enjoy what you do, you do it so well that many people will want to keep doing business with you.

If you do a very good job of taking care of your clients’ hair, they will continue working with you and even recommend you to their friends, colleagues and even relatives.

You may not even need to spend a ton of money trying to advertise your services, if you do a very good job. Your initial clients can really help spread the word for you.

And if you do spend money advertising, doing a great job with the first clients you get will help spread your advertising dollars – as they will tell more people and help you get more business.


What the main tasks of mobile hairdressers?

The main tasks of mobile hairdressers are similar to the tasks of hair stylists or hairdressers. They offer a wide range of hair services that include cutting, shampooing, coloring, and styling.

They also advise both male and female clients on how best to care for their hair at home. They develop style techniques and best-practices to best care for the client’s hair.

Other main tasks of providing hair care products that are best to care for the hair of clients. These products could be hair shampoo, hair colorant, hair treatment, and hair conditioner. They also maintain the work area and tools.


What are the tools and equipment used by Mobile Hairdressers?

The following are the tools with which mobile hairdressers work:

  • A range of scissors and combs
  • Salon-quality hairdryers
  • Blow dryers
  • Professional straighteners
  • Hair clippers
  • Curling irons
  • Flat irons
  • Hairbrushes
  • Bleach-resistant salon towels
  • A stock of hair products (shampoos, conditioners, styling products, colors/dyes, etc.)
  • A mobile hairdresser should also have a vehicle to move her equipment from one client’s home to another.

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