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6 Interesting Money Making Ideas For Quick Extra Cash

There are many money making ideas these days but most of them don’t work. This article shows you some interesting ones that really work.

And what’s even awesome is that some of them can work for just about anybody.

We are living in a really great time now that most people can get started very easily with money making ideas and start having money coming in pretty quickly.

Below are some of the interesting money making ideas that just might work for you, especially in bringing in some quick extra cash.

And they will most definitely work for you if you take the time to put them into action:


1. Shop at cashback websites

If you shop at cashback websites, you can get back some extra cash that you ordinarily wouldn’t get back without using such websites or apps.

Cashback websites are online sites that give you cash back for shopping on their platforms.

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They partner with brands or retailers that give them a commission for driving traffic to their website.

These commissions are then shared with users like you who shop from them.

Some cash back websites give out up to 100% in commission.

Examples of websites where you can make money by getting cash back for shopping are:

  • Ebates

Since you will most surely buy stuff on an almost daily basis, why not buy using such websites, to get some extra cash that you wouldn’t get otherwise, right?

That’s the logic and why it’s a smart way to get extra money coming in for you, each time you buy stuff online or offline.

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2. Engage in Mystery shopping

Most people today make money as mystery shoppers. They sign up with mystery shopping companies who give them assignments to shop at stores, eat at restaurants and lodge at hotels, visit car dealerships, or go to movie theaters.

As a mystery shopper, you will pretend to be a real customer, but in a real sense, you are observing what you see in the business area and after you complete the task, you will send a report.

The mystery company will pay you when they receive your report.

Examples of mystery shopping companies that will pay you money include:


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3. Do Freelance Writing

You can make money as a freelance writer. If you have a talent for writing, use it to start making money.

You can create content for websites, blogs, advert companies, and other businesses, etc., and you get paid for it. You may also sign up with freelance websites and write content for clients.

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You can be paid by the number of content you produce or by the number of projects you complete.

Examples of freelance writing websites where you can make money like most people are:

  • Upwork
  • FlexJobs

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4. Babysit for parents or guardians

You can make money like most people today by babysitting their kids. Parents who don’t time to look after their kids because of job or other pressing activities can employ baby sitters to look after their kids.

As a baby sitter, you can make money by the hour or by the number of kids you take care of.

Examples of websites where most people sign up to make money as baby sitters include:


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5. Walk dogs for pet owners

If you love dogs, you can make money like most people. There are websites where you can sign up and get connected to dog owners who will pay you to walk their dogs.

You can get paid to walk, feed for dogs in your care.  You can make more money by taking care of more dogs.

Averagely, most dog walkers make at around $10. If you take care of 5 dogs twice in a day, that would amount to $100.

Examples of websites where you can get connected to dog owners to make money like most people are:

  • DogVacay
  • WAG!

This is truly one of the good ways to make money working from home.


6. Sell used clothes

If you have used clothes in your closet, then you can sell them for money. Most people use this means to make money every day.

They can sell to consignment websites and ship to the highest bidders. With the power of the Internet, you can easily get connected to the people that really want those clothes.

If your clothes are still in very good order, then you are likely to get more money from them.

Examples of places where you can sell your old clothes for money like most people do include:

  • Poshmark
  • ThredUp
  • The Real Real
  • Tradesy

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Of course none of these money making methods will work if you don’t take the time to put them into action.

It’s in the action taking process that everything comes into gear. Without taking any action or not enough action, nothing happens.

Thankfully you don’t even have to spend any money implementing some of these ideas. You can get started right away and can see money coming in pretty quickly for you.


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